Campaign Missions

Mission 1 ~ Prime Target Mission Objectives
The quantum communications array at the Blue Mountains Communications Stations is a prime target for an invading army. If the array is disabled or destroyed, all the real-time communication between Altair II and the rest of the galaxy will be disrupted.
Your objective is to supplement the station's existing defenses with your ACU and a contingent of land units.
Primary ~ Sneak Attack
Primary ~Defensive Position
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ Experimental Invasion
Mission 2 ~ Off Base Mission Objectives
After successfully destroying the communications array and severely hampering your faction's ability to mobilize its armies throughout this sector, the Cybran invasion force moved on to the other key military targets. Its second was the Eridu Strategic Weapons Center. The Centre itself wasn't destroyed, so it remains vulnerable to a counterattack.
Assist Commander Coleman in rebuilding its defenses and producing a standing army that will be used to defend it from the remaining Cybran Threats in the area.
Primary ~ Look to the Skies
Primary ~ On the Defensive
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ Base of Operations
Secondary ~ Economic Meltdown
Secret ~ Economic Opportunist
Mission 3 ~ Strike Cold While Cold Mission Objectives
The Cybran invasion force is on the run. Sensors have picked up a number of operational Cybran Mass Extractors operating off the coast of The Weddell Strait, near the Frozen Plains. You need to explore the islands in the strait and destroy these Extractors.
If you come across any pockets of Cybran resistance, notify Command before engaging the enemy.
Primary ~ Mass Attack
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ End Gauge
Secondary ~ Get Kraken
Primary ~ Left Behind
Mission 4 ~ Titans of Industry Mission Objectives
After refusing an order and refusing to stand down your ACU, you're now Public Enemy Number One to the UEF. Colonel Rodgers has targeted New Cathedral, so you're taking the most direct route there to defend the colony.
Unfortunately, that involves traveling through the ruins of the Boolon Industrial Complex.
Secondary ~ Big and Deadly
Primary ~ Cool off Coleman
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Take Control
More Control
Mission 5 ~ Factions or Family Plan Mission Objectives
You've arrived at Fort Burke, Just outside of New Cathedral. You've been able to shore up the city's existing defenses and prepare transports that are currently assisting with its evacuation; unfortunately, you've been unable to contact your wife and son inside the city.
Defend the city from the UEF while overseeing the evacuation.
Primary ~ Evacuation
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ Following Orders
Primary ~ Nuke Nuker
Mission 6 ~ End of an Alliance Mission Objectives
With the alliance between the UEF, Cybran and Illuminate crumbling before your very eyes, the only chance for peace is to take the fight directly to the UEF and eliminate their military presence on Altair II by taking out its leader, Colonel Rodgers. "Primary ~ Panic Attack
Primary ~ Chain Reaction
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ Core Damage