Campaign Missions

Mission 1 ~ Delta Force Mission Objectives
The Guardians have received a tip that a Cybran navy is passing though The Marken Delta on its way to delivering a shipment of weapons to one of their outposts on Gareth IX.
The Royal Guardians want you to sink the fleet and make the Cybrans believe the current Illuminate leadership is behind the attack.
Primary ~ Sink or Swim
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ Ripped to Shreads
Mission 2 ~ Lethal Weapons Mission Objectives
The Illuminate government was stockpiling weapons and researching new technologies off-the-books at the Shnorak Rift Reserve Station, a staging base on a small habitable moon orbiting Gallant V. It was decommissioned a few months ago when the press caught wind of its exsistence.
You're to clear out any remaining defenses so a ground team can be called in to recover any useful weapons or technologies.
Primary ~ Look to the Skies
Primary ~ On the Defensive
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ Base of Operations
Secondary ~ Economic Meltdown
Secret ~ Economic Opportunist
Mission 3 ~ Mission Objectives
  Primary ~ Mass Attack
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ End Gauge
Secondary ~ Get Kraken
Primary ~ Left Behind
Mission 4 ~ Mission Objectives
  Secondary ~ Big and Deadly
Primary ~ Cool off Coleman
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Take Control
More Control
Mission 5 ~ Mission Objectives
  Primary ~ Evacuation
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ Following Orders
Primary ~ Nuke Nuker
Mission 6 ~ End of an Alliance Mission Objectives
  "Primary ~ Panic Attack
Primary ~ Chain Reaction
Secondary ~ Research Technology
Primary ~ Core Damage