United Earth Federation

Untied Earth Federation
The United Earth Federation - or UEF - was formed with a simple goal: Reunite the galaxy. It was largely Successful.
The average UEF citizen desires stability and order, and they have a strong sense of brotherhood and community. Its leaders are aggressive and driven to ensure galactic order.
After the defeat of the Seraphim, the UEF asserted control of the Coalition through its ability to leverage its citizen's strong factional to present a unified front on all issues. As a result, the UEF is the economic, political, and military machine that drives the Coalition.
In general, UEF military units are larger, more aggressive versions of 20th Century military hardware. UEF Commanders go though rigorous psychological screening for loyalty to ensure that each believes in their duty to maintain order in the galaxy.

Journal entry, UEF Soldier
"The infinite war. that's what they called it. when it ended... When the last seraphim was rotting in the earth, we finally had 25 years of peace.
Peace. who are we kidding? what are we celebrating? the appeasers in the UEF, the ones who would make treaties with our enemies. We lost billions in that war, and we're expected to forgive and forget overnight?
And now they're talking about integrating the armies into one giant coalition force? They couldn't pay me to share a planet, much less a barracks, with those chipheads and fanatics."