Untied Earth Federation
The Cybran Nation traces its beginnings far back into Earth Empire history. In 2592, Doctor Gustaf Brackman, an unmatched genius in cybernetics, successfully “twined” the first human/AI pair, creating a symbiont. The Earth Empire effectively enslaved the symbionts, utilizing their superior AI-assisted thinking and ability to perform complex processes quickly and efficiently, to bolster their empire.
In response, Dr. Brackman formed the Cybran Nation with a large complement of his symbiont “children,” and they thrived. Dr. Brackman petitioned the newly created UEF to free the rest of the Symbionts; they refused and sent an occupying force. It was met with resistance by the Cybran Nation, and the fight for symbiont freedom began.
At the end of the Infinite War, Dr. Brackman was betrayed by his greatest creation—a Quantum computer called QAI—and the Cybrans were forced to ally with the UEF and Aeon in a last-ditch attempt to defeat the Seraphim.
The Cybran Nation captured many Seraphim during the Infinite War, and Dr. Brackman has spent the last 25 years studying the alien race and incorporating its technology and DNA into his symbionts. While it’s an important part of the Coalition, its members rarely mingle with the other factions.
Cybran Isolationism
"The Cybran nation can't be bothered with the politics of the UEF, Illuminate or Coalitions. It wishes to be left alone.